Sales support

Siemens Gebäudemanagement GmbH, Munich

Market launch of the legionella rapid test for the acquisition of new customers, product presentation with application areas, sources of supply, dosage forms, qualification of a contact person, information mailing and further qualification of interest as well as making an appointment for a specialist consultant.

New product launch for new customer acquisition, strengthening of brand loyalty, sales support, relief of the sales force and in-house staff.

Call-Mail-Call Action

After the first call an information package with water tester was sent to the qualified contact person.

keuneComment by Mr. Achim Keune, Project Manager:
In the course of a marketing campaign for the acquisition of new customers, MiD was commissioned by Siemens Gebäudemanagement GmbH with telephone sales support in the form of a multi-stage call campaign. The package of measures consisted of a telephone identification of a contact person, a subsequent mailing with extensive information material and a water tester as well as another call to qualify the interest and to make an appointment for a field representative of Siemens Gebäudemanagement (Call-Mail-Call), via which the product “Legionella rapid test” was to be marketed.
As the project manager at that time, I was very satisfied with the services in the quality offered by MiD: The acquisition activities of MiD were extremely successful. Unfortunately, the marketing activities for this product were not pursued further for internal reasons. As a partner for dialogue marketing activities I would like to fall back on MiD again today.