The dialogue for successpointsPersonal, friendly, highly competent. MiD offers comprehensive full service for your dialogue-oriented communication. Whether this involves targeted acquisition of new customers, a service hotline or secretarial services: With competence and commitment, we work towards your goals and promote your company – on the phone.

Good communication begins with a smile. What counts is being able to respond to each individual conversation partner with great empathy. This is the only way to create a successful dialogue – and this is the basis for your success.

When an emotionally charged complaint call turns into constructive criticism, when a desire for more information turns into genuine buying interest and a “I’m not interested” becomes a 10-minute conversation, then we have done our job right and brought you a step closer to your goal.

MiD is an owner-managed agency with 21 agent workstations. Due to high specialization and more than 16 years of experience as a direct marketing service provider, we are one of the most qualified companies in the industry. Our structure ensures that you always have a personal contact person who remains in constant contact with you. This enables us to react quickly and flexibly to your individual wishes.

Making your goals ours, promoting your company, is our highest priority. Therefore we prepare our employees intensively for each project: We make them familiar with your company, develop discussion guidelines so that they are prepared for all eventualities and can always react appropriately and competently to objections and queries.

Because MiD understands itself as part of your company and represents your corporate philosophy with full commitment. We are looking forward to you!