Performance is no coincidence

Too often, after a successful business transaction, the customer is only insufficiently cared for and not sufficiently reacted to wishes, opinions or criticism. Everything would be so simple: A short telephone follow-up on customer satisfaction, an easily accessible service hotline or an automatic mailing of information about new products.

We support you in the long-term planning and implementation of your customer communication. Because perfect dialogue marketing is no coincidence, but the result of carefully coordinated services and processes. The essential components for this are:

Competent employees: All telephone agents at MiD have specific industry knowledge, are motivated and linguistically competent. For example, the pharmaceutical team points consists exclusively of prospective doctors in the higher semesters. A communicative education and regular training for further education guarantee a constantly high employee qualification.

Efficient communication processes: Continuously optimized guidelines and careful preparation of the call agents combined with state-of-the-art communication technology – call routing, programmed call flow, database management, etc. – ensure the efficiency of your direct marketing measures.

Perfect quality control: All customer contacts are logged and evaluated. Some of MiD’s customers are informed daily about the results of the direct marketing measures. Any ambiguities and questions are reported immediately and clarified as soon as possible. In addition, MiD has the quality of its services regularly checked by independent institutes through customer surveys, call monitoring and mystery calls.