Qualification of existing customers for targeted sales support; for this purpose, appointments with the sales force consultant, current offers for selected products (cross-selling) and shopping basket analysis were offered. Data collection on the purchasing behaviour of the customer was determined, evaluated and documented.

Arranging appointments for the field service through differentiated offers

Target group:
Existing customers of Basan GmbH, who buy only 1-2 product groups

Call action, data acquisition and evaluation

aW1hZ2UwMDEuanBnQDAxRDBGMDg1LjM5RTY1RjYw;jsessionid=6700091DADFC8F11692BA65BE21C0FC5-n4Mr. Preuss (sales manager) “The organisation of the project and the commitment of the MiD team were excellent, which also contributed to the success of the cross-selling calls. We were very satisfied with the result. Twelve new contracts. That’s something to be proud of!”