Sound of the squares

Frau Michaela Haselhorst, Stadtmarketing GmbH, Mannheim

For its 400th birthday, the city of Mannheim has sent an elaborate multimedia cube with sound laboratory, concerts and events on tour.

Mannheim has thus drawn attention to itself as an attractive and innovative location in German cities. The aim was to increase attention in the core target group, to publicise specific tour dates and to increase visitor frequency.

Outbound action in the relevant target group – cultural institutions, youth facilities and music schools, to present the cube and its possibilities and to invite them to a group appointment

cube_sound squares

haselhorst Finally, the responsible project manager Mrs. Michaela Haselhorst comments:

“From June to August 2007 Mannheim was on tour in Germany with “Klang der Quadrate”. With this unique cultural and communication project, which was awarded the title of “Place of Ideas” even before its official start, Mannheim presented itself to the people of Berlin, Cologne and Munich on the occasion of its 400th city anniversary. The project was received extremely positively in every tour location. And the concerts by Rolf Stahlhofen and Joy Fleming, including the presentation of the Mannheim anniversary song MeineWelt (MyWorld), also attracted great interest and were very well attended each time.

Thanks to you and the telephone acquisition planned and carried out by you and your staff, it was possible to draw the attention of a large number of interested groups from various institutions to “Sound of Squares” and invite them to visit our interactive sound laboratory. The great response and the enthusiastic visitors clearly showed how successful your work was.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation, your commitment and your support. We are proud and happy that you have committed yourself as a partner for this project. Without your help the realization of the project would not have been possible. The smooth and fruitful cooperation with you was an important and very positive support for the realization of “Sound of Squares”. Many thanks for that.”